Things to Do Before You Turn 30

15 Things to Do Before You Turn 30 to live a better life

Things to Do Before You Turn 30 to Live Your Best Life: Life of a person tends to become highly complicated as he or she grows older. Most of the times, people settle down and often face difficulty to make any plan. Moreover, we become highly committed towards our job and get relatively less spare/leisure time in our hand. Moreover, with the aging of our physical structure, making plans to perform something adventurous or special reduces gradually. Hence, to make the most from your life, it is essential for you to involve in following 15 activities, as we have discussed in our blog post.

Things to Do Before You Turn 30
Things to Do Before You Turn 30

Play a New Type of Sport:
Whether you already involve in any type of sports or an occasional cricket or football player, you should definitely try to involve in any new type of sport. Whenever you discover any new ability in you, you get enough confidence and an exhilarating experience to perform different things happily. Even your excitement increases when you involve in any healthy activity. Besides this, while discovering a new sport, you likely to open to an entirely new type of people, whether they are trainers, teammates or simply individuals you pass in your fitness center or gym.

Experience a Solo Trek:
Solo trek may seem daunting to you at the initial stage. However, it gives you a liberating experience and hence, you should never forget to include in your commotion list before you become 30 years. Solo trek lets you perform everything as per your own choice or terms and give you an ample of opportunities to meet with new people to develop enough confidence in you.

Do Anything that Scares You a Lot:
Whether it is mountaineering, scuba diving, adrenaline rush, ice skating or anything else, you should conquer your fear before you turn 30. You should make sure doing activities, which scare you at your young age, so that you become strong enough to tackle your future problems.

Make Plans to Relocate to New Cities: You should opt to relocate to different cities at least for 3 or 4 times before crossing 30years age. Accordingly, you get everything new i.e. your friends, your address, your activities, your colleagues, your food stalls/restaurants, your life outlook, your commute and the weather. Indeed, with variations in the mentioned factor, you develop your resistive and adjusting power to deal with remaining years of your life smartly.

Experience an Outdoor Stay: If you are in your 20, you should never miss to experience an outdoor stay. For this, you get varieties of options, such as-

Choose to stay in any small town or village without your cell phone.

Setup a camp on any remote beach for 1-week.
Doing so lets you to learn many things and thereby, you open up to an entirely new world of your journey for you.

Know your Family History: Your grandparents, uncles and aunts may not stay with you forever. Hence, you should grab the opportunity and ask different questions related to your family history. You should make sure recording the conversations and capture photos as well as important notes.

Play the Role of a Volunteer:
Devoting yourself to any good cause is good for your sanity and soul. Because of this, you should choose a particular cause or causes and devote yourself for it. This may be tree plantation, serving orphans, saving animals, cleaning water and similar others. You only need to figure out your cause and throw a suitable fundraiser. Even volunteering lets you exercise valuable skills in an innovative way and teach you ways to achieve time management, setup good networks, show creativity skills, ask for money and many more.

Spend Your Time with Children:
When you are in your 20s, kids admire you the most. Hence, you should take advantage of it by spending some time with small nephews, nieces or other children in your locality. You should allow them to enjoy your style, your excellent sense of humor, your passion towards technology and your inner edge. Small kids make you smile and thereby, let you relax by forgetting the stress related to your academics or office work. Positivity possessed by kids will inspire you to appreciate beauty present in various small things.

Start Vintage Collections Today:
One of the best things about vintage collections is that they become better, as they become old. Because of this, you should start collecting valuable items today, so that you end up with a huge stockpile to display in your upcoming decade. Moreover, you not necessarily need to collect any kitschy figurine. Instead, you may opt to collect artworks, records, matchbooks, table clothes and similar others to place in your home.

Test the Language Skills:
Learning any new language is a challenging task, but by exercising your existing linguistic skills, you may easily accomplish it.

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