10 rules to live a happier life

10 Golden Rules to Live a Happier Life

10 Golden Rules to Live By For a Happier Life: Every one of us often focuses on problems of our life or grey clouds present in the sky. However, we often forget that life is full of happy and enjoyable activities. To live the life the most or lead a happy life, it is essential for us to follow golden rules, as we have mentioned in this blog post.

10 rules to live a happier life
10 rules to live a happier life

1. Stop Feeling Sorry towards You: When you feel sorry towards yourself, you become a type of person unable to do anything with different things take place in your life. Hence, you should stop feeling sorry towards you. Instead, you should focus on what exactly you can do to set everything right in your near future. According to Helen Keller, “Self-pity is the biggest enemy of us and if we yield towards it, we fail doing anything wise in the present world.”

2. Happiness Lies in Our Present Life: We often spend most of the time waiting to become happy in near future or worry about our past a lot. Because of this, we usually forget to live in our present moment. However, we have to recognize that the life of a person is transient and future is only a dream, while past has already gone. Hence, the only time existing truly is the present, in which we can do our best or change almost everything we want.

3. Try to be Social: A large number of studies on happiness have revealed that creating a huge social network is the best way to become successful and the happiest person of the world. Thus, you should put efforts to make many new friends as much as you can and thereby, expand the social circle.

4. Try to Say Yes More: Many times, we intend to resist the change or new challenge in our life instead of accepting it. In other words, we often say No instead of saying ‘Yes’. You will more likely go with your life flow by saying ‘Yes’. In this way, things become positive and enjoyable with less possible anxiety and stress. Even by accepting challenges, you will make your situations better.

5. Flow the Bliss of Your Own: Bliss consists of everything you do while you wrap up in any moment. When you become so much excited to just about to do it, it prevents you to work further. Bliss takes place when you are in a moment where time no longer matters for you. Bliss takes place for your pleasure rather than for money.

6. Always Stay Grateful: You should think about wonderful things around you, towards which you should feel grateful whether it may be your health, your family members, your home and your close friends, your spirit, your brain, your fitness or anything else. We have many amazing things in life to give us smile and joy. If we count such blessings daily, we will find a huge appreciation of our surrounding beautiful world. According to Meister Eckhardt, “Saying a small prayer i.e. thank you is enough to make your life a happy one.”

7. Always Learn to Release Your Negative Emotions: You should always keep in mind to let things go i.e. learn to release your negative emotions. When you release negative emotions, you not only experience more freedom in life, but also become less stressed and emotionally stable. You should keep in mind that by letting go or releasing your inner negative feelings, you would expect to win the whole world.

8. Involve in Kindness Acts Randomly: For a long time, the whole world is working on a golden rule i.e. you will receive more by giving more. Because of this, we should suggest you to involve Random Kindness Acts. These are small acts related to kindness, which you grant to other people in this world without any reason or your motive towards self-benefit i.e. without expect to get anything from others in return. You only require showing a bit kindness to your outer world to find greater happiness in your life. According to the principle of Dalai Lama, “You should practice compassion to stay happy and keep your near and dear people happy.”

9. Give Love to Others as Much as Possible: You have to recognize the fact you will feel happy in life when you give love to others. Moreover, by controlling on the amount and extent of love we express towards others, we get control on the extent or amount of happiness we get in our life. According to a famous scholar Barbara De Angelis, “Kindness and love never go to waste. Instead, they bless individuals receiving them and even to you as a love giver.”

10. Smile, Laugh and Dance with Joy: Lastly, you should make sure surrounding yourself with everything, which gives you joy and happiness. These include dance classes, pleasant evening with your friends, laughter sessions, wonderful music and similar others. Especially, you should dedicate time to laugh at your life’s craziness. You should keep in mind that true happiness, freedom and self-development come from your inside and you should make sure expressing them externally in your bright faces with laughing and a big smile.

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