How To Deal With Grief

How To Deal With Loss and Grief

How To Deal With Grief: Grief is regarded as one of the emotional and painful procedures which cannot be easily tackled. It comes from the emotional loss. Say if you have lost your friend, spouse, pet, or family members. This loss cannot be measured, and so it is equally important to you. Else, you would not have felt the pain.

However, it is said that the only way to deal with grief is to be honest with oneself. Hence, you need to deal with the emotions to overcome grief.

How To Deal With Grief
How To Deal With Grief

First of all, it is important to be kind to oneself and even to others at the same time. It is quite normal that a person gets grief-struck due to any pain or loss. However, you should never accuse or blame yourself for any such loss. It is quite natural that you will feel bad. However, you should give yourself sufficient time to heal up in a proper manner.

It is important to give an immediate emotional leeway after the tragedies. Proper food, rest, sleeps, and a flock of people is always required for healing. Some people even prefer to work more during such a stage. However, it is important to avoid taking all the major decisions at such times.

Stages of grief:

The different stages of grief are basically the model of the mind. It reflects how the mind accepts the various incidents. They cannot be regarded as the steps but rather the way of expressing grief in a procedural manner.

  • Denial – It is a state of shock and numbness. It is generally considered as the coping stage.
  • Anger- It acts as the bridge between acceptance and denial. It is important to react to a certain event.
  • Bargaining- It is the descriptive stage when you think about different scenarios.
  • Depression- It is the feeling rooted in the present when you are unable to cope with daily life.
  • Acceptance- In this phase, you accept the new real truth.

Symptoms of grief:

Grief might come with numerous physical and emotional symptoms. However, suffering from any of the symptoms, not at all, mean that a person is mentally sick or ill. It simply means that a person is suffering from emotional pain.

  • Emotional symptoms include sadness, guilt, shock, fear, or anger. It is important not to make any decisions during this time.
  • Physical symptoms include insomnia, exhaustion, random pains, nausea, and irregular changes in weight. Some problems occur due to grief, while some occur when one forgets to take proper care due to grief.

It is important to seek medical assistance in case of physical symptoms. Grief attack the immune system of the body, which makes it more prone to illness.

It is important to understand the different causes of grief. It is important to address the feelings and express the pain when you are surrounded by all the known people.

You must mourn in a proper manner
It is an important and traditional practice to mourn after the grief. It helps in expressing the feelings. You can even participate in the various ceremonies help. This will give you inner peace. You should even create a memorial or tribute in the name of the event or person. This helps you to feel connected with the certain events. The pain, for the time being, might bring great joy in the future days. Hence, you need to ensure to make a place to cherish the memory.

So, it can be said that grief is due to any reason that needs to be handled with lots of love, compassion, and patience.

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