How to Be Happy

How to Be Happy: 6 Habits to Help You Live a Happier Life

How to Be Happy in your life: Happiness in the life of a person is analogous to a butterfly i.e. more you go to chase it, more it eludes you. On the other side, if you divert the attention towards different things, it comes as well as sit in a soft way on your shoulder. Accordingly, it is essential for you to follow a few essential steps to stay happy for your entire life

How to Be Happy
How to Be Happy

1.  Cultivate Your Gratitude Feelings
You should make sure to perform gratitude exercise on a daily basis, as it involves listing of a few important things, which make you grateful. In this way, you shift your despair and bitterness feelings, while promote your happiness.

2. Foster Forgiveness to Avoid Your Grudge and Grievances
Grudge and/or nursing grievances affect your both mention and physical health. One of the best ways to curtail such feelings is to foster your forgiveness. This activity reduces your power related to any bad events to create resentment and bitterness feelings. To foster your forgiveness, it is essential for you to follow a 5-step procedure referred as REACH. Accordingly-

  • You should start Recall your hurt.
  • You should Empathize and put efforts to understand any activity from the viewpoint of the perpetrator.
  • You should always stay Altruistic by simply recalling any time of your life when someone else had forgiven you.
  • You should always Commit to put the forgiveness feelings in you into your spoken words. You may opt to do so either in the form of a letter to the concerned person you have to forgive or in the form of your journal.
  • In the last step, you should take steps to Hold on to your forgiveness feelings. For this, you should strictly avoid dwelling on your hurt and anger feelings, while possess strong desire towards vengeance.

3. Identify and Challenge Your Negative Feelings and Thoughts
You should give time to learn techniques to identify your negative thoughts and feelings, so that you challenge them easily to bring happiness in your life. The best practices to do so include rhythmic breathing, meditation, relaxation techniques, yogic poses and similar others to quell your anxiety feelings and promote your inner serenity. Each of the mentioned techniques let you learning to recognize as well as challenge your thoughts related to being helpless and inadequate.

4. Money Can not Buy Everything in Life
Most of the research studies have shown that once the income goes above your poverty level, higher amount of money brings only limited extra happiness. In this situation, we have to recognize the fact that chasing for the money is useless. Instead, we have to focus on other things, which help us to bring happiness in our life.

5. Foster Friendship to Stay Happy
Close friendship with those caring about you plays a major role in bringing happiness in your life. According to a research study, people more than 70years age with strong network of their close friends have succeeded to live much long than others do.

6. Involve in Meaningful Activities
Most of the research studies have proved that people tend to stay happy more when they remain in a particular flow i.e. involve in varieties of meaningful activities, especially the ones, which challenge their personal abilities.

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